A minimal challenge to kick things off

My mom, arguably my first fashion muse, saw my Instagram post about trying a 10x10 challenge and rang me to tell me she was considering an intervention. We see eye to eye on almost everything, but while her closet is a bountiful wonderland of variety, mine is fairly trim. I'm no extremist, though. Spring styles are catching my eye, and one of the primary reasons I started my capsule wardrobe was so I could buy the stuff I really wanted (but more on that later).

To keep the urge to shop at bay until I'm ready to (intentionally) stock my spring capsule, I decided to test my dedication to repeating staples by joining the spring 10x10 challenge hosted by Lee and Caroline, two of my long-time mindful style muses.


What it is

The rules are simple, the execution not so much. Take 10 pieces and remix them for 10 days to make 10 outfits. Count shoes, tops, bottoms. Exclude outerwear accessories, workout wear, pajamas, or anything you wouldn't leave the house wearing. 

Lee created the challenge a few years ago to help encourage creativity with her own wardrobe. This season's challenge officially started last Friday, and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far.


What it isn't

An attempt to pare down my wardrobe in the long-term. My capsule hovers between 35 and 40 pieces depending on the season, and that works really well for me. 

It's also not about painful rules. For example, I'm excluding outerwear even though Lee includes it. She's dedicated AF.


My 10 pieces

The start of the 10x10 coincided oh-so-perfectly with the installation of our new IKEA closet. In other words, most of my wardrobe sat in a jumbled pile on the bed while I juggled a drill and a level. Admittedly, I grabbed my ten pieces without much thought or planning. Eek! Nonetheless, these are the only things I'll be wearing until next Saturday. 

Spring 10x10 (1).jpg
  1. Striped tee by H&M | similar (made responsibly)

  2. Knee-length cardigan by H&M | similar (made responsibly)

  3. Leather jacket by Madewell (old) | similar

  4. Crop tank top by Wilfred Free

  5. Ankle flare jeans by Abercrombie & Fitch (old) | same jean, different wash | similar (made responsibly)

  6. Black skinny jeans by Mott & Bow (made responsibly) | similar

  7. Tunic dress by Treasure & Bond

  8. Cotton overalls by Abercrombie & Fitch (old) | similar | similar (still available in navy)

  9. Sneakers by Veja (made responsibly)

  10. Mules by Nisolo (made responsibly)

So far so good, but I'm looking forward to checking in later in the week! Have you ever tried something like this? Would you?